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Short Range (under 1/2 mile) Super Long Range (2 miles)

ShopForPuppy carries a large selection of electronic training collars from popular brands such as Dogtra, Garmin (Tri-Tronics), Motorola, Eyenimal, DogTek and D.T. Systems.

Free Shipping: Orders over $50 ship free in the US. Simply look for the logo to enjoy free shipping on selected items.

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Belt Clip 5 for Dogtra Remote Trainer Dogtra 1900S 3-4 Mile Remote Dog Trainer
Dogtra 1900S
Our Price: $239.99
Dogtra 1900S Black Edition Remote Trainer Dogtra 1900S Wetlands
Dogtra 1900S Wetlands
Our Price: $249.99
Dogtra 1902S 2-Dog Remote Trainer Dogtra 200C Compact Remote Dog Trainer
Dogtra 202C Compact 2-Dog Remote Dog Trainer Dogtra Advanced Remote Trainer 2300NCP
Dogtra 2300NCP
Our Price: $259.99
Dogtra 2300NCP-RX Add On Collar Dogtra 2300NCP Replacement Transmitter
Dogtra 24-Hour E-Collar Contact Pad Dogtra 280C 1-2 Mile Remote Dog Trainer
Dogtra 280C 1/2 Mile Compact Remote Dog Trainer
List Price: $229.99
Our Price: $214.99
Dogtra 282C 2-Dog 1-2 Mile Remote Dog Trainer Dogtra Super-X 2 Dog 1 Mile Remote Trainer 3502NCP
Dogtra 282C 1/2 Mile 2-Dog Compact Remote Dog Trainer
List Price: $344.99
Our Price: $329.99
Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X
Our Price: $454.99
Dogtra ARC Remote Trainer Dogtra ARC Extra Collar
Dogtra ARC Extra Collar
Our Price: $134.99
Dogtra ARC Handsfree Dogtra Belt Clip Number 4 Metal
Dogtra ARC Handsfree
Our Price: $249.99
Dogtra COMBO e-Collar Dogtra EDGE 1 Mile Remote Trainer
Dogtra Combo e-Collar
Our Price: $219.99
Dogtra EDGE
Our Price: $399.99
Dogtra EDGE 1 Mile Extra Collar Black EDGE-RX Dogtra Edge RT Additional Receiver
Dogtra Euro Voltage Adaptor Dogtra iQ CLiQ
Dogtra iQ CLiQ
Our Price: $119.99
Dogtra iQ Plus Dogtra iQ Plus Additional Receiver - Orange Strap
Dogtra iQ Plus
Our Price: $179.99
Dogtra IQ-PLUS Replacement Transmitter Dogtra Pathfinder Extra Collar
Dogtra Pathfinder Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Dog Tracking
Dogtra Replacement Battery Dogtra Super-X 1 Mile Remote Trainer 3500NCP
Dogtra Training and Beeper 1 Mile Trainer 2500TB Dogtra Training and Beeper 2 Dog 1 Mile Trainer 2502TB
DT Systems RAPT 1450 Additional Dog Collar DT Systems RAPT 1450 Upland Beeper Remote Dog Trainer
Eyenimal Remote Dog Trainer 250 Yards Eyenimal Remote Dog Trainer 350 Yards
Eyenimal Remote Dog Trainer 450 Yards Eyenimal Remote Dog Trainer Extra Collar